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A Product list from Gelato finale
Year 2016

Product list for Gourmet Gelato, Fruit Sorbet and Gelato/Fruit yogurt.
For fruit we use fresh or frozen fruit only. We don't use aroma flavors or substitute for fruit.
All our Yogurt and Sorbet same as gelato the price is for full fruit and not variegated marbling.
Variegated or marbling uses only a fraction of the fruit or fruit puree instead.
All our gourmet gelato has high content of chocolate, nuts and other ingredients for this reason the flavor is very strong and intensive.
There are many more Alcohol flavors and fruit & food flavors and any combination is possible.
Delivery will be 2 days after ordering in some urgent cases we can help out for faster delivery.
Delivery will be in 2 liter & 4 liter plastic container with cover - we can supply in 4 OZ paper container to ready to sell to the customer.
There is a minimum order of 2000 Baht.

Yogurt gelato with fruit
Yogurt blueberry
Yogurt strawberry
Yogurt peach
Yogurt mango
Yogurt rasberry
Yogurt passion fruit
Yogurt kiwi
Yogurt orange
Yogurt mandarin
Yogurt mix berry
Yogurt apple
Yogurt cranberry
Yogurt cherry variegated marbling only
Yogurt blackberries
Yogurt pear
Yogurt plum

All our yogurt are semi pasteurized
If you have Yogurt fruit in mind which we have not listed please ask us.

Sorbet with fruit
Sorbet blueberry
Sorbet strawberry
Sorbet peach
Sorbet mango
Sorbet rasberry
Sorbet passion fruit
Sorbet kiwi
Sorbet orange
Sorbet mandarin
Sorbet mix berry
Sorbet apple
Sorbet cranberry
Sorbet blackberries
Sorbet pear
Sorbet lemon
Sorbet 5 fruit (strawberry,rasberry,pear,kiwi,orange)
Sorbet banana
Sorbet watermelon
Sorbet figs
Sorbet plum

All our sorbet are semi pasteurized
If you have a Sorbet fruit in mind which we have no listed please ask us.
Some of the nut or chocolate flavor can be produced in Sorbet to but there is not creaminess.

Gelato strawberry
Gelato mandarin
Gelato orange
Gelato lemon
Gelato banana
Gelato banana with paste & liqueur
Gelato acai berry
Gelato cream rose-fine hazelnut grain
Gelato chocolate berry
Gelato gianduja
Gelato Ferrero Roche
Gelato hazelnut
Gelato chocolate
Gelato chocolate with paste
Gelato milk chocolate
Gelato white chocolate
Gelato latte macchiato
Gelato mocha
Gelato caramel
Gelato almond
Gelato amaretto
Gelato almond + liqueur
Gelato pistachio
Gelato Rum Raisin
Gelato Malaga
Gelato French vanilla
Gelato vanilla
Gelato straciatella
Gelato praline
Gelato tiramisu-mascarpone & ladyfinger marsala wine
Gelato coconut w. Liqueur
Gelato mint for kids
Gelato mint/lemon
Gelato pinna colada w. liqueur
Gelato nishio matcha
Gelato sesam

All our gelato flavors are pasteurized.
All our Gelato with liqueur and wine have a higher amount of alcohol as usual in order to have a
stronger flavor.
We cover the anti freezing power of the alcohol with some other additional ingredients.
If a gelato with alcohol is selected it should be a strong taste otherwise the base will blend it.
All our base are done with cream and fresh milk
The list don't include all possible flavors
If you need a flavor which is not listed please ask us we can provide you with the special gelato flavor.
We don't use any artificial flavor or fruit or fruit substitute


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