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Is there a difference between ice cream and gelato – Gelato is made from an artisan gelato maker uses natural ingredients (milk/cream/sugar based) using fresh or frozen fruit and puree like for nuts. It is always fresh made in small patches and not stored for months, no artificial flavors are used, it has less fat between 7 to 9% maximum, it uses whole milk, less overrun (air) in cooperated about 25% (50% less than ice cream) it has a higher density, it mean it has 50%c or more of the quantity it means richer and creamer taste, it well balanced, warmer felling, it has a smoother texture, provide a different sensation and is have smaller ice crystals.
  Gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature -13 degree Celsius. It melts in the mouth faster benefit for customer to get the full flavor immediate.  
   From the padrone
As have been my dream to make ice cream since about 18 years as I am myself an ice cream connoisseur.I don't like it to sweet important is the fine delicate taste. Unfortunate my ice cream taste I can fulfill with the local made ice cream in Thailand. I like Italian ice cream in Italy and Austria. During each of my trip to Europe I eat daily an ice cream in a cone or a cup in a glass.
Over the years I have ask several old Ice cream family if they want to join me by opening and ice cream shop in Bangkok/Thailand without success as they have enough work at their own. By my last trip few
  months ago I got lucky and one old family ice cream shop owner in Vienna agreed to provide me with their secret recipes from the past 80 years and additional provide me with one chef for the next year to set up the dream ice cream shop and help to establish it. Now we are able to provide gourmet ice cream for the connoisseur in Bangkok. Not only we will provide gourmet ice cream we are able to offer ice cup and ice cake and dessert creation.We will provide about 26 delicate Italian gelato and weekly in our program we will have some unique flavors which we will list on our web-site.With the gelato chef in house we will create new flavors & trend on a regular base which we will upload to the web-site.We are looking forward to serve you with our delicate ice cream at our premises or for your home.
  Your Maya K.
We are open from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed) from 9.30 AM to 21.30 PM if you come to visit us you can park in Robinson Bangrak one hour for free which is next to our gelato house building.
I you want to book a kids party or birthday party in our show room - contact us up front what you want and which decoration you like in order for us to make preparation.
We have 2 prices:
1. what you consume
2. It as many ice cream you like for a fix price per person.
20,22,24,26 Trokbanoou (Charoenkrung 46), Khwaeng Bangrak, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand 10500
Tel : +662-2376818, Fax : +662-3531151
Mobile : +6695-119-5952
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Building: former Kasikorn building
Decoration : Italian style with wall painting

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