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Thai people are religious, believe, show respect and are calm, most are Buddhist.
Buddhism is an important part of life for this reason many of the Thai antiques are related
to it. Most household, public places and offices carry Buddhist items, in case people need
to show their respect or gratitude so they can do it any time of the day.

Our aim in this section to offer Thai antiques mostly related to Buddhism to a price
where everyone which is attracted by a piece or like to start to collect can afford it and
don't need to think about it if it hurt the monthly budget.
To buy a piece it cost less than to have a nice meal in the restuarant.
Pieces from our collection on offer give you a piece of mind, something you can look at it
for a long time to come.

You look for some thing special you cannot see in our collection, don't hesitate to ask us,
we are more than happy to look for you and make it happen.

In the time to come we will add more pieces and categories, don't forget we like to keep
the price range of our products low.

For ideas or advise
Contact our team