Advertisers sometimes bid on search terms that are the trademarks of others. D4U WEB requires advertisers to agree that their search terms, their listing titles and descriptions, and the content of their Web sites do not vioiate the trademark rights of others. In cases in which an advertiser has bid on a term that may be the trademark of another, D4U WEB allows the bids only if the advertiser presents content on its Web site that (a) refers to the trademark or its owner or related product in a permissible nominative manner without creating a likelihood of consumer confusion (for example, comparative advertising, sale of a product bearing the trademark, or commentary about the trademark owner or tis product) or (b) uses the term in a generic or merely descriptive manner. In addition, the advertiser's listing should disclose the nature of the relevant content

If you have concern about an advertiser's bid on a search term that you believe is an improper use of a term that is a trademark, D4U WEB will review the advertiser's listing for compliance with our relevancy guidelines and, if appropriate, D4U WEB will remove the advertiser's listing or the content of the listing's title or desciption will be modified. In order to assist D4U WEB in expeditiously addressing your concern, please provide the following information:

  1. The search term on which the advertiser has bid
  2. The trademark on which your claim is based
  3. If you own a current registration for the trademark in the United States Patent and Trademark office, the registration number.
  4. If you have evidence of any consumer confusion resulting from the advertiser's bid on the search term, a description of such evidence.
  5. If you have contacted the advertiser about your concerns, the status of your communications with the advertiser.

Please forward this information to D4U WEB at the following email address: You may also mail your concern to:

TEL: (662) 237-6815
FAX: (662) 353-1151




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